One day off after two weeks of work/drill, and another five days of work after today.  I attempted to do a little homework, but with a day off I pushed the LAZY button.  Since I run on all eight cylinders everyday, today I was lazy and read maybe twenty pages or so.  I’ve got a test on Tuesday, so I’ll be getting up early in the morning tomorrow before work to read.

As a result of my laziness today I did not go to the Pagan Faire.  I wanted to, but lethargy had turned me into a zombie.  But I did a lot of surfing for graphics for my Book of Shadows that I am re-creating, and read various articles by pagan writers out there.  I found some good ones, things that were thoughtful and not the writings of the usual flavor today.  Refreshing, to say the least.

I’ve corresponded with a few people through Match.com…. but after three emails or so they stop replying.  Am I just odd?  I don’t know.  Oh well.

On the 24th, my one day off for a two-week span, I move into my new apartment.  It wasn’t the one I originally posted.  I didn’t like the location of the apartment within the community.  This other complex is closer to work and will also cut my school commute by about ten to fifteen minutes, possibly twenty minutes with heavy traffic.  It is a super looking layout… has a loft and a cool heater/fireplace… meaning it isn’t a fireplace in the wall, but a standalone unit that looks wicked cool.  It is across the street from Arbys and Albertsons, 1/4 mile from a bar I like, and on the other side of alberstons is a long park that follows a creek.  Utiilities are included, except electricity, though rent is higher than I wanted to pay.  But when I took the amount I was willing to pay for rent and add water, garbage, etc… it comes out to higher than what I will pay for this apartment.  So I guess it all comes out in the end, eh?  I get to pain the walls, though one wall I won’t be able to paint as it is super high (loft apartment), but some color will be great!  Now.. what colors?


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