Tonight I have to write a paper.  Sheesh, and it’s two a.m. already and I just got home from work.  Last night after work I stopped at a strip club called “Union Jacks” in Portland.  I had a beer and watched the shows.  I was really surprised by the difference in moves among the five dancers I watched. A girl named Olive (I think, the DJ is a mumbler and has no stage voice) and she has a large black pattern tattoo on her left thigh (or is it the right) and she was great.  Gorgeous and a little out there… I enjoyed the show quite a lot.  I finished my one beer and left.

Today I was talking with somone and they were surprised to learn of what else I’ve done… and what else I’d like to do.  The thing that got them was that if I weren’t in the National Guard, and weren’t working toward a career as I am, I’d grow my hair long and cut it into a mohawk, change the colors frequently, play guitar in an industrial punk band, and read dime store philosophy books on park benches.


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