what e-harmony says about me

  • Others may perceive you as being undemonstrative and self-controlled. Not wanting to be the center of attention, you generally support others.
  • You may demonstrate positive possessiveness by developing strong attachments; however, you will not be overly involved as some others tend to do.
  • You are a good friend and are always willing to help those you consider to be your friends. You also show strong ties, and will be uncomfortable when separated from your friends for an extended period.

    *  You tend to dislike sudden or abrupt changes. You prefer things the way they are. Your motto might be: “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.”

  • You tend to be loyal to others. Your loyalty shows in a variety of ways including your “staying power” with relationships and activities.
  • You have a basic need to be supportive of others. You will agree with others, sometimes even if it’s not what you really want.
  • You prefer a warm, friendly environment free of conflict and hostility. In that environment, you prefer reassurance of your involvement and self-worth.
  • You tend to be a traditionalist, and will enjoy the social environment best if it is stable and predictable. You dislike sudden decisions about where to go or what to do, preferring to think things out first.
  • Because of your lenient and complacent nature, others with fewer scruples may take advantage of you. You could, perhaps, benefit from greater assertiveness.

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    My communication style

  • In communicating with others, you may support the mainstream ideas rather than new trailblazing activities. You may prefer the stable and traditional activities.
  • Others will notice that you are a sincere person about what you say and do. This trait, along with the excellent listening skills, creates an individual whom most people find pleasant to be with and a calming type of person.
  • You have a communications style which many people are comfortable with almost immediately. You are sincere, a good listener, not pushy and overall a comfortable person to be near.
  • In your group, you may support the group leader rather than vie for a leadership position yourself. As a result, the group leader will usually appreciate the support you bring.
  • You tend to internalize conflict. As a result, if something about another is bothering you, you may bottle-up feelings and keep them inside.

    How to better my communication

  • Plan interactions which support dreams and goals.
  • Share specific ideas to carry out an action.
  • Provide personal support and assurance.
  • Start with a personal comment to “break the ice.”
  • Work to achieve mutual satisfaction.
  • Leave plenty of time for socializing and relating.
  • Talk about expectations.
  • Be responsive toward ideas and commitments.
  • Show sincere interest as a person.
  • Patiently draw out personal interests.

    My Strengths

  • You are a dependable and caring partner.
  • You tend to be a very calming influence in heated situations.
  • You meet new people easily and are good at making them feel welcome.
  • You are very supportive of other people.
  • You are very good at communicating with others and seeing their point of view.
  • You tend to work hard at making sure that other people are happy.
  • You are usually enthusiastic about activities and planning.
  • You have an excellent sense of humor and tend to see humor in events spontaneously.
  • You are excellent at listening to the concerns and ideas of others.
  • You are good at reconciling (i.e. you don’t like to sulk after a conflict is resolved).
  • You are generally very patient with people.

    My Needs, or what I might want

  • Many and varied activities.
  • An audience to perform to and entertain.
  • Recognition of skills and ability.
  • Freedom from many rules and regulations and the ability to write your own rules.
  • Support of your ideas and dreams.
  • Partners who practice listening and participation.
  • To be measured by the results obtained, not by the manner in which those results were accomplished.
  • A support system to help you get things done.
  • Freedom from many controls and limitations of creativity.
  • Exposure and recognition by those who really appreciate your results and achievements.
  • Equal relations with others.
  • A friendly, favorable social environment.
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