future apartment

Too much reading.  Time to stop, call it a night, get some sleep.

Time to switch the mind to new thoughts before bed.

In four days I will be buying paint and preparing my new apartment.  As I wrote earlier, this Spring Season will be a Renaissance for me, personally, in areas of art, music, cooking, and more.  I will not be as poor as as I was before, when buying a bottle of wine, caeser salad and chicken breasts, was a big deal for me.  I am in much better shape than I was a year ago and certainly more than two years ago.  So, here are some thoughts…

My apartment will have a deep, mossy green wall in the living room.  In the dining area I am leaning toward a burgundy color with hand-drawn gold spirals.  In the bedroom I am thinking of rich plum color, or perhaps a rustic red. 

On the inside of my door, leading outside, I will have quotes painted on the door.  In the dining area I will put a table that I’ve bought, an old wooden table, and will paint it in a manner similar to an artist who paints furniture prevalent in some shops at the 5th Street Market in Eugene (I may have to go on a road trip to take pictures).  The are whimsical, carefree, wonderful, and rich in liveliness.

On the couch (Eliza is giving me the couch) I will put a good fleece throw.  On the floor, a thin, but sturdy rug of earth tones.  Beside the couch is an end table with a lamp on it.  Before me a coffee table.  Off to the side is an easle, or an artist’s table, where I can do my watercolors and pencil drawings. 

In the kitchen is a new coffee maker with a thermal mug so I do not have to nuke my coffee after twenty minutes.  I’ve added a few more pots and pans to the mix, some bolder plates and utensils, getting away from white and beige.

In the bedroom, a dresser.  Also a standing mirror.  Heavy curtains on the window to shut out light on days that I need sleep.  A sound machine that plays all manner of relaxing noises next to the bed.

The loft, a gargoyle perched on the edge, looking down onto the living quarters.  The bookshelves, but I must add a few more as I do not have enough.  A small table of suitable height for use as an altar.  My computer desk set off to one corner.  My guitars and amp.  I am debating whether or not to get a keyboard that I played around on today also… but that will wait.

On the patio, a table and two chairs, weather proof.  A tree or some sort of plants. 

Good start… with my tax return check coming… I’ll be able to make a lot of this happen.

Time for bed.


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