new truck

Got a new truck..
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It is a Ford Ranger Supercap, 4X4 with a 6 Cylinder engine in it, skid plates, towing package, and good off road tires on it.  It has two miles on it when I test drove it.  Now it has over five hundred and I’ve been in the mountains already with it.

I’ve a Ford Escort, a 66 Ford Mustang, a 94 Pontiac Sunbird, a 94 Isuzu Trooper, and a 94 Ford Explorer.  All, except the Explorer, have died on me on the side of the road numerous times.  The Explorer was headed down hill.  It has 130,000 miles when I bought it and things were falling apart on it and acting weird.  So I traded it in.  The payments now are a bit higher and I’ll have to cut costs… but it was a GREAT piece of mind to know I was in a dependable vehicle when I was up in the mountains.  I tell you, you go up a mountain, die on the side of the road, and then spend a few hours walking back down the mountain, another few hours to get back into town (whenever someone finally stops to help you… no cell phone covereage in mountains and no towns) and a day to get back out to the vehicle… you want a dependable car.  And when you go up the roads I go up, in a car, and it rains on you (it was just blue sky!!!!!) and now you can’t get out… you want off road and dependablity!  Plus it is nice to have a 4X4 when it snows and ices over, or you go up above the snow line in winter, and everone else is crashing off the road and you can play around.

Gas mileage sucks, but I’ll make that trade.  Its my choice and I choose to drive this.  No bitchin from me.  If I don’t like it I should buy a Prius.  I can’t wait to get out into more remote places.  I am thinking of saving some money and putting a wench on the front and installing a CB radio (for when you go into the mountains), as well as a smaller tool box in the back with first aid kit, flares (already carry some in my cab), water, blanket, and MREs (food).  That way if I am out in the middle of nowhere I can resond to someone who needs help, or help myself.  I always stop to help people on the side of the road when I see them…. Gods knows I was stuck on the side of the road enough times.

My dad always named his trucks… and I remember a purple chevy named “Grape Ape” and a another truck called “Sweet Lips”.  I named one vehicle “Shoog” and this one I named “Norma Jean”.  She’s my baby.

Now, if I can just get me a small boat to go fishing in.


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