a goddess

Holy cow!

I had two hours between class and work, so I dropped by Powell’s books, downtown Portland.  I was standing there, looking at the titles, when one of the most sexy creatures I’ve ever seen live and in person walks by pushing a cart of books.  Around six feet tall, blonde curly hair, and glasses.  Was that a smile I saw on her face as she walked by?  Does she know that she sets heartbeats into tachycardia whenever she walks by mere mortal men?

Later, as I was checking out, she went by again and I could only look at the cashier taking my money and say “damn!”

I’ve got to find out if this woman is single.  If so… I’ve got to ask her out for coffee or something.  If she isn’t single, I couldn’t ask her out because and then find out that she isn’t available.  I’d be embarrassed to ever go back to the bookstore!  Okay… I’ll ask one of the workers at the store if the blonde is single.  If so, then I’ll try to get the courage to ask her out.

Sheesh… it’s easier to run across a street that is under enemy fire than to ask a pretty girl out on a date!


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