So I got these songs and I REALLY love the song “Beautiful World”.  I made the CD and gave one to Tiffany but have listened to the songs nonstop for two days.  They REALLY made me  happy and relaxed and content.  I had one of my best nights at work the first night that I listened to the songs.  So the next night I took the copy of the mix to Tiffany and gave it to her. 

The next day I go to school and take my final exam in Philosophy of Religion.  I did okay.  I then went to work.  In the song “Beautiful World” the singer makes reference to liking Irish tea.  I’ve tried lots of tea, but Irish tea?  So on the way to work at the Rheinlander, in NE Portland, I stopped by a Trader Joe’s and picked up some Irish Tea. 

At work I brewed a cup and really liked it!  Good stuff!  Tiffany came in and she said that she really liked the CD I made.  Good. 
A co-worker told me that my truck window was broken and I went outside in a hurry.  Yep.  Some jackoff had broken my passenger side window and taken my iPod.  They left 90 CDs, my new auto plates, and some other things, but took the iPod that was under my console.  My charger was on the floorboard and I think that they might have seen it.  This happened in the daylight.

I was furious.  I took off my manager name tag and ran around the block, looking for anyone… and I mean anyone.  I was growling and near spitting on myself in rage.  I got weird looks from an old couple walking down the sidewalk.  Nothing.

I called the cops and the insurance.  It will take me a few days to get the window fixed.  Great.  Now I’ve got to worry about some crackhead going through my crap.

So yeah, I wish the perpetrator dead.  I don’t mean wounded, I don’t mean caught… I mean DEAD.  Is this harsh?  Nope.  Useless fucking meth head doesn’t deserve life as far as I’m concerned.  So I cast a circle and called to thte spirits of destruction and the elements to find this person and to make him, or her, pay dearly.


While driving home I came upon a person swerving on the highway.  So I followed them while I stayed on the line with the cops.  After a while they came and pulled the person over.  Tonight I was driving home on the highway and came upon another car, weaving, and driving 40 in a 55.  So yeah, I followed them too, while calling the cops, all the way to a hotel that they pulled into.  Tigard police don’t mess around.  They brought five cars!  Ooh Rah.

So, don’t let Ed find you acting an idiot… he will call the cops on your sorry ass.  And if I ever find the punk with my iPod (has exposed wires on the headphones, and some of the playlists on it are Joe satriani, yoga, world trance) I will fricking kill you.

On the other side, though.  I’ve stopped to check on about six cars stuck on the side of the road over the last two weeks.


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