Max Montana [userpic]

This pic got my attention.  Livejournal is currently stopping people from using userpics that show breast feeding as they say that it is sometimes inappropriate.  Yet I’ve seen LOTS of userpics that are quite obscene and sexual.  Breastfeeding pics are much much tamer. 

However, the maker of the icon makes a bad argument.  Nature does not intend for breast feeding.  Nature does not intend anything.  This is similar to the mistaken phrase when people talk about evolution and say that an animal evolved horns or something in order to perform such and such action (such as a giraffe evolving a long neck in order to reach the higher leaves on a tree).  This is not the case and misses the point of evolution completely.  Giraffes did not evolve long necks, it is that those who had longer necks than others were able to feed more and were, over time, more likely to pass on their genetic code to their offspring.  Over time the genes for long neckness becomes the common trait. 

Breastfeed may not be immoral (I do not think so at least) but neither is taking a shit, and neither of which I wish to see anyone doing.  Can seeing breastfeeding be a nice reminder of tenderness in this chaotic world?  Yes.  Do I want to see the saggy tits of the unnattractive woman come out into the light while her purple lizard kid sucks on a nipple, all while I’m trying to eat a meal?  Umm…. hell no.  It has nothing to do with kids or nature… but seeing the woman’s ugly tits.

Is this wrong of me?  Well, if everyone is beautiful, I am indeed wrong.  But if everyone is beautiful, is anyone hence ugly?  Some say no.  But I beg to differ.  There are some ugly people out there and I do not want to see some people in spandex either. 

Oh my god, Ed, you are such a bastard for saying this.  Okay, so I am.  Still doesn’t change the fact that some people are pleasing to the eye and others aren’t.

If Angelina Jolie started breast feedign Shiloh at a busy restaurant, who would complain?  I certainly wouldn’t.  If Janet Reno did the same… I gaurantee you I’d leave and go to Subway.


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