Okay, so I’ve got to balance working two different restaurants, covering managing shifts for managers on vacation, class schedules, final exam times, and drill dates.  I’ve got a calendar and I wrote all the dates in.  I can’t remember when I did it, but I did it wrong.  For the past two weeks I’ve been under the assumption that I have my Ancient Philosophy final on Friday.  Yet today I checked my planner to see what the officer number was where I turn in my paper on Rousseau and Descartes and I see that the exam was actually on Wednesday. 


I missed it.  I was hanging with the prof for my other philosophy class today and told him about it.  He said that I should go talk to the other prof.  I said that there were two things, one, the syllabus says in plain text “it is strongly recommended that you do not miss a test” and two, it was my mistake, pure dumbshitedness on my part.  I simply got wires crossed in my head and goofed up.  I cannot go cry about this, nor try to get a makeup.  The prof said that he wished more students were more like me, that they get many many students witih BS reasons and that they hate it.  All the more reason why I should not go, I said.  He said that my actions were admirable, but it wasn’t fair because I was surrounded by flakes and cheats and that they would get it, while I, sticking to principle, would not.

And this raises a question.  Should one practice a virtue because it is the right thing to do, or does one do so if there are rewards to be had. Is there a point in taking a fall on principle?  I believe so, that principles are above the rewards one might get in life.  In this regards I agree with Socrates (Plato) in that one should live a Just life because of its own sake. As Thich Nhat Hahn says, “peace is not the destination, it is the way”.  (In ancient Greek philosophy Justice is sometimes interchanged with Morality).  Yet I disagree with Plato that Justice exists as a Form.  Yet I do think that it exists as something akin to Jung’s Archetypes in the Collective Unconscious. 


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