change in life

With the recent break-in in my truck (it’s fixed now) I’ve had the reaccuring thoughts from a few years back.  In the past two weeks I’ve stopped to help several people broke down on the side of the road, have followed a couple of drunk drivers with the police on the line, and have patrolled my parking lot and have scared away a few hoodlums walking around the parkinglot late at night.

So it has come to my attention that the Beaverton Police Department is hiring officers.  When I was taking a few days to think of this, I get a news notification that the Eugene Police Department is hiring eight officers.

Now, this summer, in a matter of two weeks or so I will be going on my two week drill with the National Guard.  I was getting ready to plan my classes for the fall, needing to get this done and apply for more loans so I don’t have to work as much as I do just to make ends meet, and I get word that my unit is also going on another three week drill in the fall.  So much for being able to go to school in the Fall.  So, looking at that I’ve got another year to go (transfering four different universities takes its toll) to graduate, and then, if lucky, straight into grad school and another three years or four until I get out, and then it is look for a job time.  So it is possible that I could be forty or forty one years old before I get into a career. 

So my thought now is to apply for the two police jobs.  The pay is good and I think that I might get to keep some of my military time in regards to retirement and such.  I don’t know about this, but the pay is great and the hours are less than I work now.

Now, as to the job.  It comes natural to me.  I take a joyful glee in helping cops nab shitheads.  I used to be a shithead.  Harmless pranks and having a loud party are one thing, deal with it, but breaking into homes, threatening bodily harm, and trying to perpetrate gang activities, as well as the dealing or using of various substances, should be stopped and I’d like to help stop it.  Also, there are people that need help and I like to help people.  I like to do all the things that a police officer does… so why not apply and get paid for it.

I’ve got experience in patrolling neighborhoods, in searching people, vehicles, and houses, with the majority of people being innocent and scared and how important it is to not be an asshole to them, in doing the job in a professional manner.  I’ve been shot at in a multitude of ways and have not shirked from combat but have thought of my comrades and what needs to be done.  I’ve got experience in leadership, in dealing with stressful situations, and with being calm while others are ready to fight.  I’ve grabbed people and have choked them out, have put people in arm locks, and have taken command of fights in bars and have moved it elsewhere.  As I am now I would make a good officer.  With additional training I believe that I would make a great officer.  

I’d be good with either department, but the thought of going back to Eugene is really appealing.  With the pay that I’d get as an officer I’d get a decent apartment and save up money for a year and then put a downpayment on a house, using my VA benefits, and then I’d have a yard and cold get a dog, and such. 

So, I just got back from the gym and I’ll continue to go to the gym to get in shape.   


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