nightmare of the lizards

Crazy dream.  I rarely have nightmares…. rarely…. and when I do have one I kinda enjoy it because it is fun.  I don’t like horror movies and can’t watch most of them without getting faint.  Yes… the big bad combat veteran who’s handled body parts and hurt people and spent time in the ER looking at brains and who’s rushed outside to help someone just shot and so forth… yeah… he get’s faint when he watches horror flicks.  I’m sure if I watched Hostel I’d faint.  So I don’t watch it.  But when the mortars are exploding and bullets whizzing by and blood is on the street… it doesn’t bother me.  Hmm… go figure.

I dreamed I was with a group of friends (nobody’s face was familiar, standard movie group of youn friends) and we were in a house.  We were in the basement watching a t.v.  It was a scary movie and people were being typical goofballs by making scary noises and messing around.  At the end of the movie we realized there were huge cardboard boxes.  Inside were toys.

One guy uncovered the head of a komodo dragon peeking out from the toys.  He joked about the lizard, thinking it was a toy.  Then it moved.  Everyone yelled to close the box, but the komodo dragon came out. 

This was no ordinary komodo… it was half komodo and half raptorsaurus.  The other boxes began to wiggle and other lizards began to crawl out.  Everyone panicked and ran for the basement door.

Cut to a view outside the house, looking back toward the house.

People are running through the front room toward the door.  As they make it outside, lizards erupt from behind them and land on people, tearing them apart with their teeth.  The sounds of the screaming were intense.  Lizards just ran rampant and near a dozen humans, in a panick, ran in all different directions, being brutally taken down by lizards in a pile of teeth and blood.

Then I woke up to the alarm.

I snoozed and tried to go back to sleep to get back in… I didn’t know what part I had to play in the dream yet.  But too late, the massacre was over and the lizards went back into their toy boxes.

The last nightmare I had, a couple of months ago, was a zombie one and I went back to sleep because I wasn’t satisfied with everyone dying… I wanted payback, and in the rest of the dream I proceded to kick some zombie ass.  HA!

The lizards won in this dream.  Maybe round two will happen tonight.

The screams and carnage were pretty intense though… my heartrate was high when I woke up.


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