Shot down in flames… we’re going down… mayday mayday

So I’ve not been on any dates in weeks and weeks… okay… a couple of months.  There are a couple of girls who I’d like to ask out on a date, but they are all co-workers.  I never go out and when I do I am completely unable to talk to people.  So meeting someone “out there” is not going to happen.  My profiles on match and yahoo have been, thus far, 0 for 18, and now I work every day.  My last day off was early last week and my next day off is late next week.

But tonight it was slow, I wasn’t a closer and was allowed to go home early.  Just so happens that a pretty girl was also allowed to go home early too.  I asked her roommate if she was seeing anyone (last week I asked) and was told that she isn’t.  She is a very n ice, very sweet, girl… a heart of gold and, did I say, very pretty. 

So I asked her.  She didn’t say no but seemed hesitant.  Other people came by, needed help with things, and I helped out.  I never got a no… but I didnt’ get a yes.  As nice as she is, that is a no to me because I can’t see her wanting to be mean to anyone.  So I took it as a no. 

So now I am at home, ready to change, and am going to go see Superman.  My little cat is wanting my attention.  Maybe I can sneak her into the theater. HA!

But so much for asking people out.  It took me a week to be able to ask her out… I don’t see myself asking her out again… nor anyone else for that matter.   I’ll just stick to the online thing and hope for the best.


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