make out songs, working out, and police

“Sign your name” is such a GREAT make-out song.  It is extremely seductive.  I tried to make a playlist of makeout songs and it is really hard to match the exact mood and feeling of this song.  The two closest that I got was George Michael’s “Father Figure” and Enigma’s “Principles of Lust”.  Enigma’s first CD is just flat out a great CD, perfect for turning down the lights and exploring each other’s bodies, to put the CD on repeat so that you can spend hours doing so.

Whew… time for a cold shower, I am working myself up.  HA!

I just ironed my shirt and ran into the bathroom to take a shower.  I turned on the light and did a double-take at the mirror.  I’ve still got the spare tire around the gut, but the upper body… is that me?  My upper arms looked more defined and I had a bit more shape to me than before.  Or am I imagining it?  I got excited and wished that I could go to the gym right now and do some cardio, to burn away this spare tire.  I feel better about myself when I get in shape, and I’m sure to feel much better as I whittle away this spare tire around my gut.

I talked with a Tigard police officer yesterday about the application process.  He said to simply not lie.  Okay, that’s easy.  He said that most people get tripped up on questions such as “what do you do if someone comes at you with a knife”.  I laughed… I said I’ve already been through that before and I knocked the guy down with a baseball bat and threw him outside. 

I did not fill out the Beaverton Police dept form.  I REALLY want the Eugene Police Job.  I am betting that I’ll be among the 8 hires.  Till then, it is still hitting the gym, drinking TONS AND TONS of Slim Fast every two or three hours, and getting lots of sleep.  That’s all I do, aside from work the restaurant every day. 

But I am in the mood to make out for hours right now…


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