Superman Returns

Brandon Routh as Superman in Warner Bros. Superman Returns

The reviews that I’ve read, and the ones the friends have read, all say that this is a so-so movie.  I watched a couple of hours of IFC last night and they had independant film directors on who talked about movies and how great they were.  Seems that the worse a movie is, the more ‘artistic’ and good it is, and that big budget movies are always crap.


Superman Returns FREAKIN ROCKS!  Was it long?  Well, time-wise it might have been long, but it did not feel like it.  The packed movie theater was in rapt silence during the finale, except for one punk teenager in the front.  Even the annoying teens to my right, with their text-messaging cell phones and goofing off, were silent and glued to the screen.  The lady to the left of me was at the edge of her seat, leaning forward and paying close attention.

Me?  I had tears in my eyes.  I had tears for the sacrifice… I had tears for the swelling of my heart.  I had good and bad tears.  Superman’s father says to him that humanity has a great potential for good, and that is why he sent his only son to them, to be the light and show them the way.  This movie made me want to be superman, not to fly around and such, but to stand for truth, justice, and the American way.

Now I ask, can a so-so movie do this?  It got an applause from the audience when it was over. 

This movie is in my top three.  Amelie, Gladiator, and now Superman Returns.



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