good and bad

So it was a normal night.  I had a section in the restaurant, picking up tables and doing my thing.  I was in a relatively good mood.  The hosts friggin KILLED me with seating a table of two groups of parents and kids.  I love kids, but this was at the same time that three of my four tables were getting ready to leave.  That means making checks, change, etc… and I was now majorly in the weeds.

But I pulled through and survived.

I am working my one table now, because the other four got up nearly at the same time, and the hosts sat me another table.  Okay, breath and go with it.  But wait, what was this… two girls and three little kids. 

As I went to the table, one of the girls was wearing a spaghetti strap sun dress.  She had blond hair, a bubbly personality, and was, uh, lets say buxom.  Yes, she was blessed.  The other lady was also attractive.  I noted that only one had a ring on and it wasn’t the blonde.

I took their orders and used every bit of will power I could to look above the neck.  I mean c’mon… they are sitting down at the table, I am standing at the edge, looking DOWN, for goodness sakes.  It was like KABLAM… cleavage city here and I was trying very hard not to notice. 

I failed.

But I did my job, wasn’t a perv about it, but did go back and do some cartoon voices for the kids (scooby do, spongebob squarepants, mickey mouse, goofy… yes I can do all of them).  I was asked if I had kids.  No… I just watch cartoons. 

Turns out the three kids was the married lady’s.  One of the waiters told me in the kitchen that she has a boyfriend.  I said “of course… a girl that good looking doesn’t go without for long”. 

At the end of the meal as I was dropping off the check.  The blonde asked me for a piece of paper.  I gave it to her and contined to bus the table. When I came back with the credit card, she handed it to me.  It had her name and number and “call me sometime” on it.  I smiled.  One of the kids said something (I dont remember) and I said “I am going to blush right now”.  The blonde laughed and asked why.  I said that I was the blushing type. 

Back in the rear kitchen I was all smiles.  WOO HOO!  Word got around that I got the number and the bartenders were giving me high fives.  I was 0 for 18 and it looks like I wont get to 0 for 19. 

On a bad note… it looks like I will not be able to get to the Oregon Country Fair after all.  I am schedule manager shifts all weekend till late at night.  I was told that I could get one day off, but have since found out that I’ve been scheduled for all weekend.  So… damn.  One of the other managers told me to talk to the GM about it, but I said that I’ll work the shifts, not to worry.  I’m a trooper and it is just a hippy festival anyway (drat). 

Oh well, there’s next year… right.


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