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alternative ambient ani difranco anne rice army of darkness art autumn bar managers bartending beatnik beauty bebop jazz beethovenbird watching black coffee blues body for life books braveheart calvin and hobbes camping carl jung cats celtic music changing rooms chicago bears chicago blackhawks chicago cubs chocolate cib cocktails coffee coffee people concrete blonde coyote drawing drizz’t drow ecology espresso family guy firefighter fly fishing forests full moons g.o.p. gladiator ground force guinness guitars heavymetal hiking humvees i/o infantry intelligence ipod jazz john coltrane julia butterfly hill kama sutra lara croft laughing lestat life lighthouses lilacs looney toons louis armstrong love ma deuce marine corps meditation merlot mocha lattes monty python mountains movies muppets music my fair lady mythology nature naturist nudist oregon oregon national guard outdoors pacific ocean pagan paganism painting philosophy pinot noir plants poetry portland oregon portland state university powells books psychology rain ravens reading republican party rivers robert frost roman history sex shakespeare silence simplicity spinoza stephen covey stevie ray vaughn sunsets swing dancing techno theatre thighs thoreau tomb raider trees trickster unitarian universalism voltaire walking walking in the rain walt whitman wilderness wine women woods working out world history wrigley field writing yngwie malmsteen zen buddhism
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