book, dogs, and hike

Soulcraft: Crossing into the Mysteries of Nature and PsycheSo far this book is GREAT.  Lots of themes in here that I like.  I can see ecopsychology, Deep Ecology, Jungian psychology, pagan philosophy, and more.  And I’m only on page 27!

In other news I went on my first hike with the Portland Hiking Meetup Group.  Good turnout, good fun, and everyone was really nice.

On the bad note… four of the hikers had dogs.  I now really really want a dog. I’ve held out because, well, I’m in an apartment and not a house and don’t have a yard.  But lots of people have dogs in apartments.  I’d just have to walk the dog a lot and take the dog out to parks and out on hikes and such.  Oh no… I’d have to go outside?  HA!  Now is not a good time because I am going home for a week and then going to Japan for three weeks, and if I get hired by the Police Department I might be going to an academy or something.  I don’t know.  So now is not a good time.. but I was looking at ads in the paper and there are some chocolate labradors out there.  I’m leaning toward on of those… but really, I like dogs.

Now my watch alarm went off… so my laundry is done.  Now it’s time to go get it, throw it all on the chair, and get some sleep before my long long day tomorrow.

I had an Imogen Heap song, don’t remember what or when, but I just downloaded her four song live session on iTunes and it is great!  Good music to drink coffee and read a book to.


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