Quick thoughts

It is late at night and I’ve had a bottle of Deshute’s Brewery “Obsidian Stout”.  We Oregonians are in a truly magical place… we have the wilderness, the ocean, the great weather, wine country (with a better wine… the pinot noir) and Portland is the number 1 (that’s right NUMBER ONE BABY) brewing city in the world.  We passed German cities as the city with the most breweries in the city limits. 

Anyway. got off on a tangent there.  Deshutes is one of the best breweries out there.

I copied a DVD from a co-worker.  It is Ani Difranco’s “Trust” DVD where she performs live in Washington DC.  IT IS SO FREAKING GOOD!  Seriously… Ani rocks! 

I was chatting with a co-worker, nice person who respects me and I suspect that she thinks me an intelligent and capable person with a basically good heart.  We have friendly debates about religion all the time.  She is Christian.  Anyway.  Tonight she says that something she didn’t like about the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean 2” was the Voodou priestess and the way the movie made it look like it was natural and not evil.  I said that it isn’t evil, that it is natural.  She disagreed and said that spells and charms and such were evil.  I said that they aren’t , that I do them myself, and gave an example of one that worked.  We had a short, heated debated and she said that she was sorry for me. 

This part gets me.  The audacity, the pompousness, the arrogance of a bunch of people to think that their religion is the ONLY way, that it is the ONLY RIGHT way, when there way is flawed, historically innacurate, and has such a history of mistakes, amalgamations, and changes.  Does absolut truth change, or does it stay the same.  Which is it.  You can’t have both.  But to condemn me for being not only wrong but essentially evil… what arrogance and audacity.

And this is my biggest beef with the Conservative movement in this country.  As the Liberals in the country, many with noble causes, have been taken hostage by the Blame America First crowd, so too has the Conservative Movement been taken hostage by the Religious Right.  Another reason why I am so open about my beliefs and being a conservative.  Christians are not right.  They are nice people and if their religion brings them peace and fulfillment, good for them, but they are not the only path and quit shoving their beliefs down my throat, and get off yoru damn high horse when you speak to me.  I am your equal you pompous ass bag.

Goddess Bless America, and pass the ammunition!


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