back from vacation

Back to the grind.

I took a week off and went home to Arkansas to see my family. I had no plans. I just wanted to see them. I left late at night and arrived in Little Rock early Wednesday morning. Mom and Dad were there to pick me up. We went home and goofed around a bit. Thursday Dad and I went fishing at a small old river that was once part of the Mississippi but was now one of the many lakes along the Mississippi’s border in the Delta. We caught some crappie and noted something that neither of us have ever seen or heard of before… big silver fish leaping six feet out of the water. I’ve seen this in trout and salmon, but not down in the South, and nothing this big down here… these fish were easily as big as my thigh… some bigger. My dad grew up in this area and fishes all over the region and he didn’t know what they were.

The weekend my sister brought my nephews to see me. Grayson is spoiled rotten. He wanted something and I wouldn’t give it to him so he began to pout and cry. I could see the expression in his eyes as trying to get his way. I laughed at him and told him that “uncles doesn’t play those games” and I picked him up and set him oustide and closed the door. HA! But he really is a good kid and smart as a whip! But he’s got his momma’s number! HA!

The rest of the week was just laying around and going fishing. Didn’t catch much fish the rest of the time. Dad and I went back to the old river again and saw lots more of those big leaping silver fish. I drove the boat and at one time three of them leapt over front of the boat while we were going fast. One hid Dad in the side and he kicked another out of the boat. I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. The fish were agistated into jumping by the boat! When we fished for a few hours and caught three crappie, we decided to have some fun and we’d go up and down the river, fast slow fast slow, while the fish, as many as four at a time, would jump near the boat, and Dad would try to catch them with a dip net. He alomst got one, but it was too big to fit in the net. When I got home I did a google search for “jumping fish arkansas” and up popped lots and lots of articles about the silver carp, that they get up to 60 lbs, that they will jumpe as high as 8 feet out of the water, that they are a danger to boaters and skiers, and so on. I printed out the info and gave it to Dad to read.

Not much else to write about. I shaved only twice, I was lazy, I ate lots and gained ten pounds, and I just hung around my Dad. I wish that we lived closer together. I miss him when I am in Oregon, and I miss Oregon when I am in Arkansas.

I am back to work now. It is Oktoberfest at the restaurant and I’ve been picked to wear the Liederhosen and be the “fun guy” for the three nights that we celebrate. Oh joy.

I did go to church while I was home in Arkansas in order to hear my nephew’s last sermon in the states for at least a year. He is going to Scotland for another degree. I was pretty impressed by his sermon and the way he delivered it. It was a good one. He’ll do well as a preacher.


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