two new cats

I am back from Japan.  It was great.  The Japanese were the most gracious hosts I’ve ever met in my life.  The Japanese Army were far and away the best hosts I’ve ever had.  It can arguably be said that Charile Company, my company, made the best connection with them.  When we held our farewell ceremonies, it was C Co that the Japanese asked to stay back and to say farewell to.  They lined up in two lines and all of us walked through and shook all of their hands and said goodbye.  I was, to put it mildly, blown away by their genuine friendship.  Lots of emails and patches and hats and coins were traded among friends.

I am back now and am slowly adjusting to the jet lag.  It was easy going to Japan… but it is a butt kicker coming back.  I have off today and tomorrow (Samhain) and I went and got two kittens today.  They are around 14 weeks old, so half grown or so.  One boy and one girl.  The boy is orange with a little white on his chest and feet.  The girl is white with grey/striped spot on her side, grey ears, and a grey tail.  The drive from Battle Ground, Washington had them looking all over the truck’s cab.  Eventually the boy settled down in m lap and fell asleep and the girl kept chaning shoulders to sit on.  I’ve already named them… he is Prometheus, color of fire and fearless, and she is Persephone. 

Right now they are hiding under the bed between bouts of exploration around the apartment.  I’ve shown them the litterbox and the food dish.  They meow and I am letting them get adjusted.  I wanted two days off to have with them so that they get used to me and the apartment together at the same time.  I am happy to have cats again.  Cats are like the souls of a building made fur.  I forgot who said that quote… but it’s true.  I went to visit Pandora a month ago, just before going to Japan.  It was a beautiful day.  I miss that little cat.  Eliza and I made it official last night to be back together.  I really love her for what she did when we buried Pandora, offering a can of tuna to her at the grave site.  That really touched me.  Another example of the great heart Eliza has… one of a kind she is.

I’ve got two kittens meowing for me… so I’ve got to go.


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