I am in the bar now.  It rocks.  I actually enjoy work now, which is a nice change.  I like that there is a bartender who is very good.  I like competition.  I don’t like to see my football team play a scrub team.  I want them to go against the best.  I don’t want my squad to maneuver against a bad OPFOR, what’s the point.  I want whoever I am working with or against to be the best.  Right now I am not that great in the bar, but given time I will give the other bartenders a run for their money.

If my peabrain can memorize the friggin drinks.

I have not been doing well in other areas.  I sleep too damn late and have not read all that I want to read.  I’ve been asking the Gods for personal growth.  Well, I am getting my wish and my persona and my shadow selves are at war.  What will emerge?  I do not know.

I am anxious to see what the new congress will be like.  I think that Nancy Pelossi, Howard Dean, John Kerry, and Teddy Kennedy are all idiots.  But I did note one positive thing, and that is the day after the elections there were lots of posts and emails from environmentalists with a positive tone.  Perhaps we can roll back some of the changes made to the NW Forest Plan and build on the Clinton Roadless Area plan.  I hope so.

I’ve tried writing a few times, but the cats are monsters!  I actually had to put them in the bedroom and close the door!  They are such mooches!

This week I will workout and meditate regularly.  I’ll eat better instead of Taco Bell every night.  I’ll also quit drinking so much after work and put that money toward a new iPod.  And on my day off I’m gonna spend some quality time with Eliza.  Oh yeah… and write more.


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