Southern Baptists anti-gay

I did a keyword lookup for “witch” on the MSN LIVE searchbar.  The second result gave me something about a N. C. State Southern Baptist convention where they addressed gay attitudes.  The reference to “witch” was via the term “witch hunt”.  I read the article and am not surprised by the attitudes.  I find the whole gay marriage fight odd in today’s America.  Personally I have a liberal stance on it… let two people who love each other get married.  Marriage is a religous institution.  If we are a nation of various religions, we need a bit more of a dialogue on the institution of marriage than the Judeo-Christian one we have currently.  I believe that by forcing Judeo-Christian attitudes toward marriage on society as a whole is a serious breach of Church and State seperation.

But this isn’t what struck me as peculiar about the article.  The article gives the central authority of the Southern Baptists to formally investigate churches that show friendly attitudes toward gays and homosexuality. 

Perhaps my memory of history is wrong, and perhaps I am misguided, but wasn’t the central theme of the Protestant revolution essentially about taking out the middleman between one and God?  The Protestants insisted that one did not need a Pope or central church authority to relay God’s grace to the individual, or to give prayers from the individual to God.  There was a direct link within each individual to God, the Protestant argued, and that one needed only the Scripture itself as a guide.  This emphasis on the individual is a  common ground between neo-pagans today and what I had thought was a defining attribute of Protestants.  How can any group of Protestants follow the dictates of any formal central authority?  Especially, ESPECIALLY when it comes to terms of the Gospel and Sin?

The same alarming tendencies of Islamafascism that I hate today (yes… I used the word hate) can be found in other fundamentalist religions, including Christian Fundamentalism.  The arguments that conservatives in this country, or at least some of us, give against a larger government, such as the dangers of centralization of power that goes back to the fears of the States against the Federalists in our country’s early days, are apparently tossed aside when it comes to terms of religion.  It is centralized religion, of any stripe (pagan included) that I distrust more than any social program, for with a social program you can compare results, you can eventually show that one works or doesn’t work.  With religion there is always the trump cards of belief that are used against such logic.  Talk to a random sampling of fundamentalist, whether Christian, Jew, or Muslim, and try to get them to admit that nobody really knows nor can prove what occurs in the afterlife and what the nature of God truly is.  Good luck… I hope you packed a lunch.

Fundamentalism is a growing problem in the world and I include the trend in the U.S. as well as Middle Eastern countries.


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