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RULES: Each player of this game starts off with 10 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged need to write a blog entry of their own 10 weird habits/things/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. No tagbacks.

1)   I have several alternate personalities inside of me that I could live in another unverse.  In one universe I have a mohawk, arms are tatooed like crazy, and I play guitar in a punk band.  During the day I drink various weird mixtures of herbal tea and coffee while reading dimestore philosophy books.  Another alternative unverse me is long hairerd and practices yoga, a vegetarian, and a volunteer at a sign language center.  Another alternative universe me is a spartan lifestyle specials ops team member who can run twenty miles, climb a rock face, and is proficient in a plethora of weapons and who is part of black op military actions.  Another alternative universe me is an academic professor at a university.  What subject?  I don’t know, but I like philosophy, history, anthropology and psychololgy.

2)  I was a Mormon for two years before I left the church entirely.  It was two years later that I dedicated myself to witchcraft and paganism.  I was raised Pentecostal.

3)  I play a mean blues guitar and can play slide with a cigarette lighter.  I used to play on stage in dive bars all the time when I was in the Marines. I’d also carry my guitar to open blues jams and play.  I’d like to start doing that again.

4)  I can’t watch horror movies.  I’ve fainted in the movie theater bout four times.  One time I almost made it out of the theater and woke up in the aisle near the door.  Nobody noticed.  I’ve seen brains  and blood in the ER when I did my EMT training… no problem.  I’ve seen lots of dead bodies and walked among them in Iraq, with body parts all over the place after a carbomb, and it didn’t bother me in the slightest.  But in a theatre I can’t stand it and I faint.  I think that it has to do with getting wrapped up in the theatrical experience.  I go to a movie to lose myself in it.  In a movie I am helpless and cannot affect change.  In real life I can attack back.  Big difference.

5)  I hate the phone.  Hate it.  I am not a small talk kind of guy.  Perhaps this is why I am never good at meeting girls in bars, nor in meeting a group of people I don’t really know.  I am just not interested in small talk and could really give a flying crap at gossip.  I don’t care who is doing who or who’s hair is different than what or what not.  Don’t care.  This isn’t to say that I don’t value the people that are telling this.  I do.  Tell me instead what your thoughts on God are.  Or when was an experience of perfect beauty?  Share with me the times you are happy and sad and not the things that you let distract you from your life.  I say I hate the phone, but if a person cannot leave the realm of the trivial in a conversation, I don’t enjoy talking with them  in person either.  I can.  I am a bartender and I’ve developed the ability to talk on any topic. 

6)  I am an introvert.  Several co-workers and friends who know me outside of LJ often argue with me on this point.  HA!  They tell me that I am not.  I profess that I am.  On the Meiers-Briggs I scrore sometimes in the middle, and sometimes on the I side.  But either case, just as I can be outgoing… I NEED and MUST HAVE my solitary time.  This means more than not being talked too… it means alone time.  I often retreat into the forests and mountains, or I will simply turn off the phone.  To not get this time is to go absolutely bonkers.

7)  I like girly soaps.  I don’t have the MANLY scent of bear musk or EXTREME TIDAL SCENT or whatever they put out there now for guys.  And I’m not to believe the TAG bodyspray ads.  I used to buy all my soaps from Whole Foods, such things as Organic Oatmeal and such.  But I now buy things like Vanilla and Lavendar.  Right now my soap is Pomegranite and Mango mix.  I like the smell.  I do not ever wear cologne, haven’t for years and years and years.  I use soap and a little deoderant.  If I smell, tell me and I’ll shower. (yes, on my day off I will go without showering or shaving and just being a bum).

8)  I am easily distracted and lazy.  I have a bookshelf FILLED with motivational and success oriented books.  The Oz Principle, First Things First, One Minute Manager, Leader’s Toolkit, and more and more.  Yet I will let my days slip away from me while I do nothing, or let meaningless activities carry me away (like now) from doing more meaningful things.  I don’t have my shit together as much as some might think.

9)  My mom kicked me out of the house when I was a Senior in High School.  She had divorced my dad when I was in the 9th grade and in my Junior year my mom, sister, and I moved to Mississippi (from Arkansas).  My name is Eddie Shannon Black and I always wanted to be called Eddie.  I remember as a little kid and signing up for little league baseball and the coach asking me my name and I said Eddie.  I wanted to be like my dad.  Besides, I got a lot of crap at school for having a girl’s name (Shannon is actually an Irish man’s name… but in the South at least it is common for women to have Shannon… there were more girls named Shannon than there were guys).  My mom heard me and told the coack, “No, it’s Shannon”.  She never let me change it.  When we moved to Mississippi I was trying to be cool (high school… popularity… it is SOOOOO not like Dawsons Creek).  I went by Eddie.  This PISSED my mom of BIG TIME.  She even cursed over the phone at a Baptist Preacher who called and asked for me (I was playing French Horn at a local church, a church I didn’t even go to, just to play horn).  She kicked a friend out of the house one day, yelling and screaming at him, and cursing, because she heard him call me Eddie.  It becamse the big joke among friends at school that my name was Eddie Shannon Fucking Black, but if my mom was around it was just Shannon Fucking Black.  HA!  It was three days after Christmas and my mom and me were having a day together.  Our relationship was strained because she thought me a drug dealer and a pimp (yes… me… who at this time STILL not kissed a girl or even grabbed a girl’s butt or breasts) and that she thought I was going to kill her in her sleep (what????? where the hell did this come from?).  She was trying to reach out to me by buying me stuff (she learned it from her mom… affection comes via a Sears Card) and we went to the library.  I signed for a new library card and it asked for FULL NAME.  I signed my full freakin name. She erased the first name and we left in silence.  She got home and went to her room and closed the door.  So I went to mine.  Don, her useless second husband, knocked on my door and told me that “I knew the consequences, pack my stuff and leave”.  I think they imagined me going back home to Arkansas, but I was six months from graduation and I had a lot of good friends in Grenada (I still love Grenada) and I was thinking of going to college (Mississippi State) and was sure to get a band scholarship (I was a GREAT horn player… but not anymore).  So I just simply climbed out of my window and left.  It was a stormy night, a tornado watch was on, and I called a friend… the mom of a girl I went on one date with and who wasn’t into me.  She was nice, but we ran with different crowds.  But her mom, Nita, was great and I love Nita.  If she called now and needed a kidney or what ever… I’d give it to her.  I asked Nita for advice and she came and got me and let me crash on her couch for a day.  The next day my friend, Keith Massey, called me and said I could crash on his couch.  His mom heard about what happened and allowed me to come and live with them.  I appreciated her and looking back I never did enough to help her out.  Hmmm…. perhaps I should send her some money now as thanks for taking me in.  I was living off a couch, partying (just drinking… no drugs) and it was soon that my grades went down south and my Marine Recruiter, a newlywed, told me to come live with him.  Sgt Vancor, a great friend.  I’ve been blessed with lots of kind hearted people in my life and things could have easily turned out for the worst.  I’ve tried to talk with my mom a few times after, but she was always very fake and political in dealing with me.  She is very racists and manipulative and I’ve seen what she has done with other people’s lives.  They say that blood is thicker than water… but must we truly suffer a family member just because they are not family?  No.  My mom now is Diane, the wife of my dad.  She’s been married to dad for, sheesh, what is it… eighteen years or so?  She’s always been a mom to me.  So I call her mom now.

10)  I’ve been arrested five times. Four in the Marines, and once in civilian life.  All are un-necessary and weren’t of not import.  Military Police just have NO sense of humor, and the civilian one was because I was sitting a park at night (I like the solitude and sounds of night) and the police thought I was a drug dealer. 

Okay… I tag wrightbooks, spikeygrrl, _furiousrose_, ciananguissette, pandorasroq, dharmameg


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