A partial reading list

Okay, someone asked me to come up with a reading list.  Here are some of those books that made a mark on me.  Some I’ve read over and over, some I am still working on.

This is a partial list.  Even though nearly all of them are nonfiction, I couldn’t help but add Shakespeare and Dostoyevsky on there.  Good stories should, I believe, give you insight into what it means to be human, and these two certainly do that.

I’ve read all of these at least once, save for Jung, I’ve read portions of various works of his, and the Ecopsychology book.  I’ve actually have that one on my bed now as I’ve been reading it.  I’ve also not read the entire Hume book listed, but have read lots of Hume in various philosophy classes.  A search for Ecopsychology at Amazon.com finds lots of books, all of which will probably cause me to tap into my bank account. 

Looking into these books, all of them valued, it seems odd that I could think of doing anything else in life save incorporating the themes within these pages.  As I contemplate my last two terms of undergraduate level college courses, I look forward to them with an eagerness that I’ve not felt in quite some time.  This is what I’d be studying if I won the lottery.


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