college outlook


I ran about four different audits on my needs to graduate at PSU.  After looking at various programs and such, I decided to drop the Anthropology class and change it with another class, as well as pick up an early morning class to give me 16 credits for the semester.  If my work schedule stays the same as is now, I’ll be okay (working half the hours I did before) and I should be able to get a little closer to my degree.  I am looking ahead a bit, looking to the Spring Semester when I can tie up needs so that I can do a Capstone over the summer.

Right now my schedule will run on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 800 to 1600, four classes. They are…

Philosophy 308 Introduction to Ethics
Psychology 321 Research Methods in Psychology
Psychology 434 Introduction to Psychopathology
Philosophy 310 Environmental Ethics

All of these will fulfill a requirement for graduation.  After the Winter Term I will need 9.5 credits to graduate.  I need to take 4.00 credits of a math and I’ll get this req with a STAT.  I also need STAT 244 for my major, and I wonder if the two will work in conjunction.  Probably not, but we’ll see. I’ll plan on having to take another math class.

I will also need 8.00 credits more in a lab.  Some of the ones I took already have not transferred.  I am happy to see that SCI 388 Investigating Forest Ecosystems.  But there is a two term class called  SCI 347 and SCI 348 that is called Science, Gender, and Social Context.  This sounds right up my alley.  In fact, I might look at my classes again and see about taking this one this term.

I’ll need the STAT 244, as well as 12.00 credits of 400 level psychology, and  2.5 from any psychology class 300 level or higher. 

There is also the 6.00 credit Senior Capstone I’ve got to take and I hope to do that over the summer.

So ignoring the total credit requirements (I’ll fulfill it when I hit my major reqs), I need to take one Math 300 level class, one Stat 244 class, one 300 level psych class, and three 400 level psych classes, and two lab classes.  This adds up to about 32 credits… add to this the 6 credit capstone (but I plan on taking in in the summer if possible).  This is two more terms of 16 credits a term and graduate in Fall of 2007.  I need to count my philosophy courses to see if I have enough to claim a minor.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel.


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