Signed up for the Winter Term

Ah, it is almost time for school again.  I should be in school right now, but I had to go to Japan for two weeks and that is a long time to be out of this hyperfast style of college in Oregon.  I miss the longer semesters in Texas and Arkansas.  When the rest of the world is having Spring Break, we finished our finals.  We do three terms in a year instead of two semesters.  I like the longer semester because I can read the material, as well as supplemental material I find in the library, and let it stew inside of me.  Instead I have to read The Republic in three weeks, along with The Communist Manifesto in one, and what not.  Sheesh.

But I signed up for classes.  Apparently I need 23 credits to graduate.  Woo Hoo!  Well, that and I have to do some sort of Capstone thing they have here at Portland State where I take a class and work out in the community.  Something like that.  I know a lot of Seniors do whatever they can get in order to graduate, but I want to find something that will go into my degree and help me make connections and network a little.  I really have NO network established in Portland.  I had started to establish one in Houston before I left.  So I really need to start doing things and get out there and get known.

Lets see, join the Portland Jung Society, join the Western Division of the APA, join the APS again, get active in Psi Chi, attend all the lectures I can by visiting profs and authors, and find some way that I can volunteer with some groups in town. 

I was thinking of volunteering for the Red Cross.  When the floods hit I wanted to be utilized to help people, but it seems there is a training thing I must go through.  Okay, I’ll find it and go through it.  I am also thinking of donating time to a local soup kitchen.  When I was looking into Veteran’s Benefits at the campus I came upon a statistic that said that 1/3 of homeless are veterans, my brothers and sisters in arms.

Okay, so for my classes I managed to get two that will fulfill reqs for graduation.  One is Methods in Research in Psychology, another is Ethics in Environmentalism.  I am hoping that the ethics class will fulfill either a group requirement, or fulfill a minor requirement (philosophy).  In the least it will do the same as my third class, Health and Culture, an anthropology class I signed up for that investigates healing in cultures and is an intro to cultural biology.  I signed up for the last two because, if nothing else, they are 300 level classes (I need them to graduate) and they will tie in with my focus of training… psychology, environmentalism, and tieing it all together into ecopsychology.

What area will my graduate school be focused in?  Counseling psych?  Social Psych?  I don’t know.  I hope I can stay in Portland.  I really don’t want to move, unless perhaps to Eugene, Or.


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