mental health across the world

Perhaps I need to wait until I get back in college.  No.  That isn’t like me.  But as I am searching Google Academic for journal articles dealing with mental health and environment, and other related terms, I am not seeing anything from ecopsychology.  I wish I had a cup of black coffee and were sitting in the PSU library, headphones on, jazz blaring, and access to PsychInfo on the web.  That’d get me much better search results.

Anyway.  I am wondering if anyone has done a testing of various populations, Western and non-Western, indigenous and metropolitan, male and female, cold and hot climes, peaceful and warrior, nomadic and agrarian, monothestic and polytheistic, “modern” and not, and to see if there are mental illnesses presnet across categories.  Has this been done?  I’m sure the textbook will tell me (when I buy it.  As soon I find out which book to get I’m getting it).  Sounds simple, but it seems to me a logical starting place.


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