I gacked this from  joia posting, who gacked it also.  I loved it.

From William Powers’s book “Whispering in the Giant’s Ear”:
On one of our road trips, Salvador shares a parable with me: A nearly naked Indian man is whistling his way through the Amazon jungle around his village, when he comes upon a development official with a clipboard who asks him what he’s doing. “Walking in the forest,” the Indian says, prompting the other to lecture him on why he should be working instead, suggesting the Indian cut down the forest for a five-hundred-head cattle ranch. When the Indian man asks him why, the development expert says, “To earn money.”

“Why do I need money?” the Indian asks.

“So that you can pay for your children’s college.”

“Why do they need to go to college?”

“So they can support you in your old age.”

“Why do they need to support me?”

Exasperated, the official blurts out, “So that you can retire and stroll happily through the forest!”

“That’s what I’m doing right now,” the Indian says, continuing on his way.


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