A Dream I had this morning

I was getting ready for bed and closed the window.  I’m naked after all.  But I remembered the moon was bright on this clear night and I wanted the rays to come in.  So I opened the window blinds and laid down on the bed.  For a few brief moments I was happy with silver rays coming in to rest on my bed.

Then the invasion.  Two cats, Prometheus and Persephone, both came in and jumped on the bed.  Each one had to get a better spot than the other one, was jealous of the petting of the other one, and wanted to lick me and have belly rubs and what not.  Cats are natural rulers of the universe.

I had a dream this morning.  It goes something like this.  I can remember it vaguely.

I was in class and had my laptop.  Ani DiFranco came to the class and was giving a lecture.  I do not remember what on.  She had her guitar and needed a computer presentation with the singing and she asked me to start the program on my laptop.  As I started the program she started to sing.  Then the computer froze and I had to reboot it.  Microsoft dontcha know.

She strummed while I got the computer to work.  Finally, I got it to working.  The program had a presentation on The Morrigain and had images of ravens.  Ani began to sing, but I do not recall the words or song.

Then I awoke.


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