Full Moon

Full Moon and I went to the area that I had planned on going to, and further.  The map showed a three road intersection. Such being a place for Hecate, I went there.  I lit my candles in a circle, gave some milk and bread, and a pomegranite I cut into three pieces.  I thought it would be appropriate for the pomegranite.  If memory serves me correclty, Hecate is part of a Triple Goddess Concept, and Persephone being a part of that.  Why I did this?  I don’t know.  I saw a bin of pomegranits at the store I stopped on the way to the site. 

The ritual was clumsy.  I realized how I am far more proficient with the abstract ideals and not so good with the working ritual.  One of the themes of Nancy Watson’s book “Practical Solitary Magic” is that once you figure out your stengths, you do work in its opposite.  It meshes well with Jung’s theory of individuation.  I need more practice at ritual, raising power, etc.. as well as the creation of such.  I am gaining an interest in creating rituals. 

I remember a ritual in Dallas, my only real circle gathering where we did ritual.  It was at a Covenstead across the street from a church that wasn’t happy about having regular witch meetings across the street.  One of the patron goddesses of the covenstead was Medusa.  I remember sitting in front of a statue of Medusa in the back yard and meditating on her.  The coven members were only too happy to tell me of the gross misinterpretation of Medusa by patriarchal powers over the ages.  I do not remember the ritual, but I remember every person there dropping a stone into a cauldron and then pulling one back out.  The ritual was created by some of the middle members of the coven.  I remember thinking how neat it was that others, beside the priest or priestess, can design rituals.

I sent out emails to a couple of groups.  Hopefully one will return my email.  Or perhaps I should start one.  Perhaps there are others like me who would like a group to fellowship in and learn together.


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