Mother loses bid to ban Harry Potter books

Georgia mom vows appeal after Board of Education rejected request

These books promote withcraft?  Really?  Where?  I don’t see any promotion of witchraft in the books.  There is more witchcraft in fairy tales than in Harry Potter.

But this isn’t what angers me about this.  This woman might not argue agains having a book that has Jewish themes in it and it encouraging Judaism… so what gives her the friggin right to do so against witchcraft? 

I feel like the caveman on the Geico commercial.  For crying out loud people.  It’s called “Freedom of Religion”… look it up! 

Again, there aren’t any withcraft themes in the Harry Potter books.  But there is a lot on trust, loyalty, growing up, discovering that girls are different than boys, the void between adults and kids, fear, and more… all the things that kids are looking for.  As far as the death… kids are a hell of a lot more resilient than you give them credit for.  I don’t argue, or take you to court for child abuse on a psychological level for teaching your kids at an early age that they could go to some place called hell.  This is a mind-warping notion!  Yet we can go along with this but pull our hair out and scream when a kid comes upon the issue of death, something that is very real,  in a book. 

Monotheists get me angry.  Every single one of them, whether it is the Church Lady or the Islamaterrorist, are so damn sure that their way is THE way, that all other ways are lies.  Every fundamentalists out there would be a fundie of another religion if he/she ahd been born into that religion.  Take out all the Right Wing Christians and put them in Saudi Arabia and they’d all be on prayer rugs right now. 

“Oh no!” one might say… “I changed from my parents”.  Yeah?  Going from Pentecostal to Southern Baptist isn’t a heckuva big change in the openness of your mind there buddy.

Stories like this really get my goat.  They encourage me to wear my pentagram every day… out in the open… and to spead the perception through word and deed that witches are people too and DEMAND the same freedoms that we’ve fought to give to others.


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