A friend had written a rant about the shallowness of some corporate citizens she works with.  Things such as…. “”almighty Americans” “RULE” the world and nobody can take that away from us. How “WE” are so very rich and powerful, the Indestructable King of this chess game, how our “Freedom” is the example for the world, how we are helping everyone with the war, how Globalization is for the good of everyone, the draft… “because 18-20 year olds don’t know what to do with their lives anyway”… Not caring that they may not live another year… The legacy we are leaving our kin… “The changes in the world will not be in our, or our children’s lifetime, so it doesn’t matter!”… ??? ” 

My reply….

Big hug to you. I understand. You can live your life by the light that you see and feel. You cannot change those around you, but live the example. There were are lot of us young kids who did not know what to do, so we joined the military. Some of us had only the vaguest notion of belonging to something. Honor is a big word in the military. There is a lot frat boy mentality, to be sure. But there are many, many, like myself who will gladly get on a plane tomorrow for Darfur if need be. Not for U.S. interest… but simply to stop the killing of women and children. Though we carry a gun, we carry food and medicine for scores of children we see that are sick with open sores on their face in Baghdad. We do not know the ins and outs of the politics of those on the Hill and global relations. We just know we are in the street where the old women come give us tearful hugs and children ask for chocalaka.

It is a shame, I believe, a symptom of a rotting of our souls that we spend so much time and energy in decorations for Christmas and getting someone a plasma t.v. screen for one time a year, instead of sharing meals with each other every day. We are the most powerful nation in the world, to be sure, our military is the best trained and equipped. Those I call comrade do so for honor, for love of country, for love of those within this country. We are partiots in that we love our country, but do not do so out of fear of others, or hatred of others, or the downfall of others. We love ours because it shows what we believe to be some of the best examples of being human. Americans, shallow and commercial as they are, are also very giving. Americans are everywhere in the world, doing their part, doing something, doing anything, to make things better. Sure there are government programs and such… but there are many more Americans not connected to the government at all, not connected to businesses at all, just going out there to do what they can. We are called heroes for going to war. It is easy to go to war. It is easy for children on the playground to go to fight. It is harder to find another way. It is also sometimes necessary, I believe, to go to war. Being a soldier I leave that decision to my country to make. Those in the Army cannot choose their fights. While it is easy to go to war, it is harder for some to leave the easy life in America in order to go work on a water treatment plant in another country, to teach agricultural skills to a village, to bring the minimal in health care to an orphanage. These are great heroes.

Though it is easily said of America by European wannabes and those on the far left who hate America… something must be right about how we set up shop over here, for us to continue to produce such heroes as those that give their all for their fellow man. The t.v., hell bent on showing the latest exploits of Paris Hilton or the fighting over Playstation 3 consols, does not show those who daily work three jobs for their children so that they can go to school, donate their time at soup kitchens, or like one of my treasured friends, go to law school even though she suffers from severe debilitating stroke migraines that have prevented her from holding any form of job at all. Her goal? To help people who need legal assistance.

Be that light. Be that change you want to see in the world. Live your principles and do not give in. The Marines say “Semper Fidelis” and this is sacred to every Marine. It means “Always Faithful” and we say that we are always faithful to our Family, our Corps, our Country, and our Selves. It isn’t a motto that says be ready for war, though we are. It is a motto of being the best person you can be. That will cover it all.

Best wishes to you and your family this Winter Solstice


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