Today is one of the days that I look forward to!  Book day for college!  I bought all my books today and am eager to crack them open.  Three books and one study guide came to over $300.  Sheesh!  This is a racket.  But hey… I’ll keep going with it.  What can I do?

I’ve been loading up on creatine the last five days and I think that its affected my sleep.  I couldn’t sleep last night and so I got up, made some chamomile tea, and cracked open a story I’m working on.  The direction of the plot has changed in a million ways as I think over it every few days or so.  But I like the element that I’ve introduced into the mix… pacifism as a viable alternative to force.

Set the scene.  The militia from a large city has gone over a vast plain to make it to a small village that is bordered by some mountains, mountains known to be the home of lots of monsters.  When they arrive with weapons and food and offers to assist in seeking out the monsters they are refused.  This is a shock to the soldiers who cannot concieve of such a thing.

I am actually drawing on pacifist arguments here.  Most everyone is aware of Pacisfism’s claims that they are on the moral high ground, a view I myself do indeed contest.  However, there is another argument that some might not be aware of, an argument held by some notable pacifists in England during WW2 where they wanted England to surrender to Nazi Germany.  This argument is essentially, tally two columns of lives lost, buildings bombed, infrastructure damanged, etc… where one column is fighting the war and the other column is surrendering to the Nazis but not cooperating in anything (no cooperation in runing trains, in milk delivery, in any aspect of all, a peaceful non-cooperation) and the argument goes that eventually the Nazis will tire of it all and leave.

Personally I find this argument, while logical, something I could not do.  Take an analogy of some men coming into my house to rape my wife.  Should I peacefully sit by while they finally tire and get bored and eventually leave?  Uhmmm, I don’t think so.  Needless to say, they have forfeited their life when they came into my home and threatened my family.  I will collect. 

Anyway, I introduced this concept into the story.  I also am toyng around with some more devious tactics by some of the characters that are quickly associated to be “the good guys”.  I am wanting to show a thin line between good and evil.  Or rather, I should say a rather large, fat, thick, hazy line where the edges aren’t really that distinct, but never the less one finds oneself, if gone too far in one direction, squarely in the good or evil side.

I have drill this weekend.  In May I will have been in the Guard for three years.  I believe that this is when I get the other half of my signing bonus.  Not much, but should be a good downpayment on a new laptop.  I really want to get a good laptop that is sleek, sexy, light, and a better battery.  We’ll see.

I have to come up with a plan for commuting to campus.  I think that on days I do not have to work I’ll take the train.  I don’t mind it too much save during the morning rush when it is PACKED.  But on days that I have to work I must drive to town as I cannot afford to take an hour and a half to make an 18 minute trip.

I’ve noticed that my expenses are better lately.  The average income from the bar is helping a lot. I’ve spent a lot recently, on alcohol for my home bar, on gifts, on other things, and now that school is starting my income will go for food and gym supplements, coffee and coffee and coffee, and copying fees at the library, and parking and gas for the truck.  I’ve got a plan for something on Eliza’s birthday… a gift for her I think she’ll really like.  We’ll see.

Note to self… must go snowboarding this year.  Or at the very least… snowshoeing.  Note to self again, get snow chains and a CB radio.  Note to self, check my emergency kit in the truck (blanket, road flares, flashlights, batteries, water, GPS, compass, chem lites, matches).

Okay… I must go now.  School is almost here!  Woo Hoo!


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