Majora Carter Rocks

I am listening to a podcast called “Speaking of Faith” and this episode is on the changing face of environmentalism. The first person talked to was an evangelical preacher and how he says that Christians have got it wrong with the whole “dominion over the Earth” thing and that it includes stewardship.

Next up is Majora Carter. I’ve never heard of her. But listening to her I want to whisk her away for a day to a coffee shop and talk to her for hours and to learn from her. Holy cow does she have a lot of insight. I am truly amazed. This beautiful woman is doing great things in the South Bronx and I am listening to her bringing environmental concerns to her neighborhood, an area where 70 percent of the population doesn’t have cars and they don’t show the type of movies like “An Inconvient Truth”. What really impressed me was her story of how she approached Al Gore once at a function. He told her of a big grant and her take on it was that she wasn’t asking for money… but was offering him to join them. This seems like a small thing… but man… what…. what an inner drive and vision!


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