The week in review

I am  doing this today instead of tomorrow because Da Bears are playing football and I have to work after the game.  So, here it goes.

I have bought a new Monarch-sized Covey planner.  In this I keep my notes from class as well.  I have revisited my Mission Statement and find that it needs much adjustment.  I plan on doing this in the weeks to come. 

For this week I planned on many study sessions and many gym visits.  I found that if I did not get to bed earlier than I felt like it, I did not feel like getting up when I scheduled it.  Result, moving gym visits around.  I hate working out during the crowded times.  My favorite is early early morning or late late at night when there are five of us in the gym.

I feel stronger and more vital physically and can take this week of workouts to improve upon it, getting stronger and healthier.

Diet.  My diet was moving along until school started.  I found a slight increase in coffee uptake as well as more grazing between classes by way of muffins at coffee shops.  One day after a workout at the gym I was craving carbs and ate a bag of chips.  Not good.  Lower my amount of caffeine (remember the DSM-IV-TR on caffeine addiction) and maintain my variety of teas.  Cut down on my mochas and lattes and save them for special occaisions.  I also plan on spending more money at various health food grocers (like Whole Foods and New Frontiers).  The salmon I ate was hook and line caught.  The eggs I ate were cage-free (a lot different than free range, which doesn’t exist) and the milk was organic without bovine growth hormones.  I intend my grocery bill to represent my political and spiritual choices.

School.  I did good on studying, but there is room for improvement.  Streamline studying would be a benefit.  Try not to be a day ahead of reading, but two days ahead as I have an everyday schedule and five nights of work a week.  Two days can go by fast without any study time.

Yoga.  I failed to make it to a yoga class yesterday.  I rationalized that I HATE the gym at 4:30 pm and that I would not enjoy the yoga class.  I did not make it to one this morning as I stayed up late last night reading and opted for sleep.   Yesterday was okay as I was studying and wanted to catch the comet, today was no good because of sleep patterns.  Tomorrow I want to hit a pilates session before Da Bears game.  My goal is Yoga three times a week.

Meditation.  I wanted to meditate every night before bed and every morning on waking.  Not a meditation of a long time, but daily centering and balancing meditations.  The sort of mediation that one does for a long time I would save for alternative days from Yoga, or hikes in the forest (walking meditation).  I did not get any of these in at all. 

Friends and family.  I meant to call several people and talk to them, friends from all over the U.S. but never got to it.  I am horrible with the phone.  I need to schedule these onto the calendar instead of making them floating “should do’s”.

Spiritual.  I read so much for school that I did not read any for spirit.  I did not meditate, nor offer anything to the Gods.  I became so caught up in my daily, minute by minute activities that I lost sight of the larger cycles.  Brigid’s day is coming and I am not ready, nor attuned to the meanings (or any meanings). 

Materially, huge failures.  I found myself $700 negative in the bank, behind on a payment, and changes made in my student loans.  If your head is in the clouds, remember to keep your feet on the ground.  Remember the balance witches have between the elements and give the respect and attention due to the element of Earth.  I have incredible wastes in my spending that amount to nothing substantial in the long run.  Plan and act for what you want and need.  I want a MacBook Pro.  I want binoculars.  I want two more bookshelves.  That is the biggies, and they are all in reach.  I want to also get out of the debt and credit crisis I am in, and to move as close as possible to downtown.  I either want to live downtown, or far far away in the mountains.  The latter is not conducive to an academic study.  Living in the middle of the two with my commute and time needed for such, is not good.  I wish to address this in a year.


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