woo hoo

First off… New Seasons market rules.  I love that place.  I got some local milk, some veggie bacon, some cage free eggs, and some other stuff.  I tried to shop local as much as I could.  I found it amusing, however, to note that with Stumptown Coffee, made here in Portland, they had little cards that said “An Oregon, Washington company” and with Starbucks beneath them there were no cards stating such.  I went with Starbucks.  One, they are a great company that takes care of their workers, two, they have instituted lots of change with fair trade and shade tree coffee, as well as lots of recycling efforts such as cups in their stores to coffee grounds, and three, it is a great product.  I would have gone with Stumptown if they had any pre-ground beans.  Do not grind your beans at the store as the blades are contaminated by the oils of all the other coffees that have been ground.  Starbucks changes their blades between grindings when you have it ground in a Starbucks store.

Second thing… I am just under $400 in the red in my bank account.  Woo Hoo!  I’ve dropped it down five hundred dollars.  I also talked to someone on the phone and will be getting my financial aid straightened out soon. 

So now I am good, have fresh coffee, and am thinking about ethics.  Life is great.


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