I am watching the pregame show for Da Bears to play the Saints.  They show the two coaches and ask them questions and both show class and character.  They go back to the announcers and Joe Buck says that “should the Bears win today it will be the first time an African-American has coached in the Super Bowl”. 

Then it hit me… Lovie Smith is African-American.  I had never noticed before. 

It doesn’t matter to me… Lovie Smith is a great coach and it is by such that he is to be judged.  To say he is good as an African-American (which isn’t what the above statement asserts) is the same as saying about a woman “she looks good for having had three kids”.  No… what you are really saying is that she could get in shape.

I watched a short bit on Hillary and Obama yesterday.  Note, I plan to vote for the candidate with the best environmental leanings.  But a black governor from a former Confederate State was talking about how he broke the racial barrier.  He said that he didn’t run as an African American but as the best guy to do the job.

Yep.  As it should be.  I don’t want an idiot in the job (a certain mayor in a certain far Southern town comes to mind) but everyone makes the excuse “oh well, don’t be so hard on him, he’s an African American”.  No.  I want the best person for the job and if it is an African American or a Korean American or an Irish American or whatever, then that is what I want. 

A Republican Strategist had noted how curious it was that not all of the Black Leadership in the U.S. have come out to support Obama.  Most, he says, are waiting and seeing.  I guess what this says to me implicitly is that if you are black then you must support black candidates regardless of whether they are qualified or not.  To say that the Black Leadership is this shallow and ignorant is a slap in the face to them.  Maybe they are, I don’t know… but I am betting that, Al Sharpton, Farrakahn, and Jesse Jackson aside, they are not this dumb.  It makes sense for leaders of a community to go for the best and brightests and who has their interests in mind.

I’ll have to look into Obama’s environmental record.  But so far I am pleased with the actions of Nancy Pelossi and other Dems in Congress with some environmental bills. However, I want more.


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