in the black, geese, change within

I am in the black regarding my bank account.  I celebrated by walking to Powell’s books downtown and buying a $7 book called “Green Psychology” by Metzer (I critized an essay of his several posts ago).  This book so far, is wondeful.  He weaves together things that I’ve read in such different sources as Jung, biology, science, philosophy, witchcraft (yes, a psychologist speaks of witchcraft in a positive manner) and more.  He speaks of an ecological framework in dealing with human psychopathology (something I tried to express to my psychopathology prof recently) as well as the relation between humans and the world.

So far it is a great read and I’ll likely read portions of it again.

I went on a walk tonight, near midnight, after completing the rough draft of a paper critiqueing Singer’s article on Animal Liberation.  I enjoyed the darkness and the quiet in the Fanno Creek Park.  A hundred or more, maybe five hundred, geese were awake and calling to each other in a great mass of excitement before taking to the air and flying in high, wide circles around this part of town, honking loudly and excitedly.  I wonder what they are up to.  I’ll have to look it up in my book on bird behavior. 

Speaking of books.  There was a $20 book I wanted that detailed plants of the Pacific Northwest and medical uses.  Not in a manner of making Taxol out of Pacific Yew plants, but in using the leaves and berries of Hawthorne as a heart tea to aid in a heart condition.  I really wanted this book, but thought to save my money instead.  But I’ll get it soon, I know.

There has been a change coming in me for months now.  This past year has had great impact on me in many ways.  Little seeds of thought have germinated and sending roots into the deep layers of my soil.  The winter is a time for introspection and this is what is going on with me.  I sense and feel a deep upheaving of paradigms and belief systems that I cannot yet place my finger on.  It will come out, in its own time, to be sure and I’ll not hurry it.  For now I will continue to feed it literature, poems, dialogue and writings.  I’ve asked for growth and I know that growth cannot come without hardship.  What the price is to be, or has been, I cannot tell… I am deep within the process.  Perhaps with the retrospect of age I will know someday.  For now, I enjoy the moment.

Truth and Beauty, ever my heart and eye looks for you.  May you always be my compass points, my North, my calling.


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