This song is really good. Shivaree’s “Goodnight Moon” from her album “I Oughta Give You a Shot in the Head”. It is my only other Shivaree song. I first heard her singing “I Don’t Care” when I stopped into the Starbucks next to the University of Oregon campus. That song blew me away with its soft sensualism and utterly seductive quality to it. Every few weeks I will peruse iTunes and fill my need for music. I will download anything and will follow the tastes trails winding through iTunes market like a tracker. I like a song and will follow the “others purchased also” link to find another artist part of an associated playlist and will continue this odd series of connections and will find one more song deep into layers of association that strikes me.

For example, I downloaded “Misirlou” by Dick Dale. I already had this song from the movie “Pulp Fiction” but here was the original, and might I say as a guitar player, a MUCH better version. I also found and downloaded several songs from Ennio Morricone, the brilliant composer of the distinctive music of the Spaghetti Westerns. I’ve listened to guitarist’s attempts to play their electric instrument with an orchestra.. I’ve got Yngwie, Clapton, and Blackmore all trying it… and it doesn’t seemt to fit. It is like the guitar is the lead singer. Morricone used electric guitar in his music and this is not readily apparent by watching the movie or listening to the music, unless you pay attention. The number of diverse elements in his music is inspiring. I went to work whistling, humming, and mouth-harping (and Irish music convention) the theme to “For a Few Dollars More”. Yes… driving my coworkers crazy.

Speaking of driving people crazy. At the bar I was singing “Coconut” by Harry Nisson, anothe song I downloaded yesterday, and finally stopped and exclaimed that I needed another song. I got bemused smiles from the patrons at the bar. I stood, pondered, and then brightened… I began to sing the song from “Fiddler on the Roof” where Tevya had the dream (actually he made the story up to placate his wife) of his daughter marrying the tailor. That got a lot of laughs. “Fiddler on the Roof“… best musical EVER.

Right now I’ve got another gem I picked up yesterday… “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” covered live by the Hooters. It is very, very cool.

But back to Shivaree. I downloaded “Goodnight Moon” because in the reviews of her album, nearly everyone wrote this was their favorite song. It didn’t grab me right away… but after listening to it three times… it is really really catchy and a good song.

I truly love music… of all types. I recently had my iPod on shuffle while on the train and a rap song by Eminem came on. I have gotten to where I like him. Above the Law is another rap group I like. I can see the rap as an important art form. However, don’t expect me to be down with the likes of some of the thug groups out there.

I really hope the woman from last night comes back in. Man!


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