major depressive disorders – psychology

Last night I went to my favorite coffee shop and got a great table.  It’s my new favorite spot.  There I studied my mood disorders.  I learned the extent to which people in the public GROSSLY misdiagnose themselves with psychological terminology that they hear after reading the DSM’s requirements of diagnoses.  I hear it all the time… “I’m Bipolar” and “I have ADHD” and it drives me nuts because, No, you don’t have these disorders, you are having a normal life.  That was before I learned exactly what Bipolar is and isn’t.

Two things confuse me…
It is said that individuals with Major Depressive Disorder, Recurrent usually have a family history.  Individuals with Major Depressive Disorder, Single Episode usually don’t.  However, it later said that 85% of Single Episode sufferers later experience a second episode, and become MDD, Recurrent. 

So if all three statements are true, then does this mean that those Single Episoders who do not develop into Recurrent are likely to have no familial connections with the disorder, and that those Single Episoders who do have familial connections are likely to develop into Recurrent?

And in the weather….

It is said that medical students and EMTs will learn diagnoses in class and then continually see themselves, at first, as sick.  I’ve heard that the same is true for psychology students.  However, I’m not seeing it.  I know that I’ve had issues in the past, and I continually stuggle with things, but I see these as normal life occurences and they do not debilitate me, nor make things abnormal.  Reading about Mood Disorders has given me more tools to dissecting the various phenomena.  It’s helped me see just how normal, or more exactly, how healthy I am. 


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