it is almost over

I am really looking forward to spring break. HA. I love the subjects of the classes, but sheesh… I loaded up too much. I can’t write more… but I have added pressure to graduate by 2008. Hmmm. Right now I am sitting in a coffee shop on campus and am downloading updates to World of Warcraft. I am going to play the crap out of this game during Spring Break now that I have a laptop that can handle it. I thought I’d need great internet connection to play it, but at another coffee shop I watched the screen of someone play the game and it seemed very interesting. I understand why a gaming magazine calls W.O.W. “the game that shall not be named” as it was “video crack”.

Yes, Spring is in the air as my eyes are drawn to every shapley butt and legs of every female that passes me by. I’m like an old whitetail deer… my neck is swelling up and I feel like I’m entering ‘the rutting’ season. HA!

Speaking of guys fighting… I was outside a 24 hour starbucks last night at around 2 a.m. and was point out a Chrysler Prowler. The girl with me was dressed quite attractively in tight jeans and a striped shirt and some pseudo-heel looking shoes. I was telling her that she was dressed perfectly for a photo op with the car when a guy starts yelling at me from across the parking lot. There were three other people with him, one guy and two girls, in the car. He was calling me out for saying something or other and I was explaining to him that, no, I was talking about the car. I really wasn’t in the mood. He walked to us and I had begun to focus on hurting him, was just about to place my laptop on the ground and charge him, when he miled and said that he was just joking and had overheard our conversation. He goofed a little with us and then left. I let the matter drop, but it did bother me later on while I was walking home. This guy had no clue how close he was to getting hurt. He was intoxicated, I could smell alcohol on him, and drunks are very easy to take out. I was focusing on his throat when he was walking up and that was going to be the first place I was going to strike. I had planned on getting him down fast as I wanted to be ready for his buddy to rush up. The girl with me said that the guy had no clue how close he came and she was going to step in between us before it happened. Silly girl.

The reason it bothered me when driving home isn’t for any sense of honor lost. I care less about him yelling at me. It was when he approached that I was going to take him out lest he pull a gun and harm the girl. No, what bothered me is that I noticed how I was now scanning the shadows again and listening for any sound as I walked home. I found my body in a readiness state, a sense of balance to attack in any direction. This isn’t the sense of calm that I’ve been cultivating the past year and I gave a brief curse to the stupid guy for stirring the pot in my mind once more. I have an appointment with a PTSD counselor today. I hope to address some issues as well as understand relationship hangups a bit better.

So I’m taking three classes next term. Should be good. I am going to Eugene to see some friends, listen to jazz, and drink Sidecars.


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