Jesus was married, had a kid, and was a pretty cool guy.


starroses linked to a blurb on an agnostic’s counter to a lawn preacher. The last paragraph summed it all up. The divinity of Christ, central to all the Christians that I know, is of the central importance, far and away more important than the sort of life a person is supposed to live. I hope that I can be excused for wanting more sources and evidence for such divinity than a collection of writings that have been edited, changed, altered, collected, portions cut out, assimilated, translated, by various institutions looking to cement their power. I do not believe that Christ was anything more than a mortal man. It is a shame too, for if we were to look past all the baggage that various churches and fanatical believers have placed on Christ’s history, we lose a very interesting story of a man involved in not only trying to ascertain what a good life is (and one must be familiar with the Jewish traditions and various factions of the time as well) but also the feelings of anti-Roman sentiment in the East at the time, his connection to these elements, his wife and his child. Yes… I believe the reports that I’ve seen that speculate that Jesus had brothers and sisters, was married to Mary Magdalene, and had a child. I find this a lot more likely than the highly dubious evidence of Christians in asserting Christ’s divinity. It should be remembered, among other things, that Romans had encountered people who had considered themselves the son of a god. Augustus had incorporated the imperial cult into his reign, and many other emperors had ascribed to themselves divine connection. Not all Christians, in the beginning, had believed Christ was divine. There were as many factions and differences of belief as there were bishops (bishops were usually a rich person in a village that had political, and hence religous, influence). What does seem to be common among the many house gatherings of Christians is that they agreed on codes of conduct, or what sort of life to live, though there was not agreement over other issues of divinity, trinity, or such.

Christians today would be better served, and the rest of us too, if they quit trying to convert me with scare tactics of hell, of trying to prove to me that Christ is a god, and instead acted according to their own beliefs. Charity, humility, and simplicity… I think those three are a good start.


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