10 K Run 49:50 run time.

I ran a 10K run today, the Portland Bridge to Bridge run for Leukemia. I didnt’ know that my microchip had to be tied to my shoe to work so that it would be low enough to the ground to work. I sprinted at the end as I saw the clock counting down to 50 minutes. I crossed just as it it hit 50:00. However, I didn’t cross the start for 10 seconds or so after the official start. Because I had the chip too high I don’t know how I ranked in my age group, but comparing the times of other people at 50 minutes I placed about 160 or so out of 343. Ish.

I had hoped some of the other guard members would show up. I sent the word out via email and text message to everyone. Apparently a lot of them thought I was coordinating the guardsmen in getting together. No… should be simple enough to say “heres the website to register” and ‘heres the date it is to be held’. Nobody showed as far as I could tell. Oh well.

I had worn my navy blue National Guard shirt that says “go guard’ on the front and back. I got a lot of people saying “thanks for being in the guard” as we crossed each other’s path on the race. If I had any thoughts of slowing down during the race, they were cut short everytime someone said “thanks” to me. In my mind I have an image to uphold of the guard in the eyes of the society I belong to. That image is of a person who is adjusted, mature, capable, intelligent, responsible, and able. The able part was being tested on the run. I had to push myself and keep going. Twice during the run my left arm got numb but I kept pushing on. Each time was during a long uphill run. Sheesh… hills! But I am a citizen-soldier, ready to respond to any emergency, in war or in peace, that my state needs me in, and I could not stop on the run… I had to keep going.

At the end of the run, with the finish line in sight, I hear a woman’s voice behind me… “hey National Guard, you’re my pacer, take it in the the finish line.” Okay, so I picked up the pace. She started protesting, in good humor, that I needed to slow down, and so I did. She said thanks and asked if I did it for her. I said no… I was ready to puke in front of everyone during the last stretch. Really… it was going to come up!

With a hundred yards to go, however, I did pick up the pace. Closer, fifty yards, a guy yelled at me from the sideline to “catch that guy” and he pointed to the man in front of me. Okay.. so I sprinted with what I had left. I got up to the guy, who in turn began to sprint himself, and I looked at the clock ahead, it said 49:50 and I said to the guy “we’ve got to beat 50:00” and we both sprinted all out as fast as we could, feet touching the finish line as the clock clicked over on 50:00.

I feel great. I am a little sore… but I feel great. I am interested in runing the race for the roses next month… actually in like two weeks or so, that is a 1/2 marathon. I need to train some between now and then, so that means hills for me. Yep… hills and leg workouts. My cardio wasn’t too bad. I was in good shape breathing wise… my leg strength needs work and my endurance. I’ve done two runs before, in my spare time, at 13 and 16 miles before. I don’t know if I could finish a 13 mile run. But I am thinking about trying it.

Add to this that I spent some time with Natassja at the coffee shop Friday night, and I enjoyed that, and sent me an email saying that she had fun and wanted to hang out sometime soon and ’cause some havoc’… and yeah… I am feeling pretty good right now.


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