First day of class

Oh what optimism one has on the first day of class.  How many times have I, and others like me, purchase their textbooks and hold them in their eager hands and declare solemly that this time… time time our academic piety will reach new heights, that our reading will broaden, that our wisdom will deepen, that our humanness will complex inward and outward.

I know that it is a phase.  But I do so love this place, this state, the idea.  I like to stand on a beach and look out upon the horizon.  Were I to have a ship, my interest would always lie at the edge of where I can see.  I can either go forth or stay, look inward or look outward.  There are always horizons.

In thinking, in a haphazzard, loose, and purely nonstructured manner, on my recent drawing of “The Devil” tarot card and its association, or connection, with my own development and calling to confront my Jungian Shadow Self, I note that nothing, thus far in life, has presented itself as so difficult and uncertain a task ask how to address and change what, until now, I have thought were innate and permanent tendencies, either sanctioned or not, within my very core.  People talk all the time of changing, of increasing or decreasing various behavioral tendencies… but how does one change one’s core?  I follow from Jung in that what I percieve, up till now, as my core, has not been my core at all but instead a ariadnic thread of connected webs and complexes from a multitude of sources.  The true self, I believe I will learn in time, is still yet to be discovered. These thoughts are at the heart of Jung’s book “The Undiscovered Self”, of which it might do me well to review and read the last 1/3 again.


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