passing thoughts

I turned on the t.v. yesterday and saw the whole Imus story about his references to the Rutger’s womens basketball team.  I didn’t think I’d agree with the dumbass known as Al Sharpton, but he was correct regarding Imus.  What a complete dumbass.  Are you telling me that he didn’t know better?  That with the years of experience he hasn’t honed a sense of what is appropriate to say and/or how to say it?  He hasn’t developed rhetoric?  Politicians certainly develop this skill… don’t radio talkshow hosts as well?

Two weeks is too short for this guy.  If not a firing… then I’d say at least a month’s leave. 

(later follow-up)

A week has come and go and Imus has lost his simulcast. I watched a group of people debate about this on MSNBC and all made good points. I agree with lots and disagree with lots of things said by the debaters. The hypocrisy of popular Black culture does not lessen the wrongness of Imus’ comments. Yes, I agree that hip-hop is grossly wrong in their many characterizations of women. No, I do not think that rappers are the ‘poets of our generation’ save for a small few, just as I do not think that country singers, punk rock artists, and dancing divas are the poets of our generation… save for a select few. There are a handful of rappers that have things to say. However, being a thug that glorifies violence and degrades women does NOT make you legit, true, a voice of the streets, a poet, thoughtful, or any such thing. You are simply a thug trying to make a buck, playing off of the financial systems that reward you for your atrocious behavior.

Yes, it is hypocrisy by the media types in firing Imus. No, this does not lessen the rightness of it. If something should be changed, it should be the images that we choose to support. No, I am not or a censorship of rappers. I am for a change of values in our society that will reflect itself by their monetary purchases. I support the women’s college (I forget the name) that refused Nelly in speaking at their school. Good for them.


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