So I get my tax information and head out to the H&R Block to do my taxes.  Closed.  Only one is in the mall in Sears.  Okay.  So I go there and they are booked.  I set an appointment.  As I was walking back through Sears I passed a Rachael Ray 10 piece enameled cookware set. 


I walked around for twenty minutes, looking at pans and such, and finally I bought it… and a spice rack.  I then stopped at a New Seasons market and did some grocery shopping.  At home I had two hours before time to get ready for my date, so I had to break in my cookware.  So… I made crepes.  I went across the street to get some thick whipped cream and had blackberry crepes. 

Checking out Rachael’s website I see her “every day kitchen” list… and I have a good portion of the things on there.  So I need to stock my kitchen up and start looking through my 17 cookbooks and start cooking more often.  I do enjoy it.  Perhaps by moving one of my night shifts to a day shift, and now having three nights at home I can find the time to enjoy cooking something now and then.  I bought a bottle of French Syrah and some Stilton cheese and will probably eat this on Thurs night.  I don’t know if Stilton goes with a Syrah… but experimenting is half the fun.

Okay… next things to get… another cutting board, a smaller paring knife and a larger chef’s knife, a salad/veggie spinner, some spootulas, and more containers or one of those vacuum seal thingys.

If I am to someday have a wife, I would like to enjoy cooking meals with her,and then eating them with her.  If I am to someday have kids, I’d want them to have strong assocations with the kitchen and cooking and an openness to such.


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