four new books

The bus was early.  Instead of being five minutes early for the bus, I missed it… watched it go by me while I stood on the opposite street corner waiting for traffic to stop.  The bus driver, who recognized me from getting on there every other day, smiled at me as he drove by.  I’m writing the trimet people.  There is a time table and if you are early, you wait.   Bastards.

I caught the next bus and missed the train by 5 seconds.  The bus stops a mere 20 feet from the train track and they pulled off while I was getting off the bus.  Another 15 minutes to wait for another train.  So I said to hell with it and came home.  I played hooky from school.

I stopped by a metaphysical shop en route to a coffee shop.  I didnt really need anything, but I bought some incense, some sand, some smudges, some of this and that to help support the nice guys that own and run the shop. I need to buy my tarot cards from them, but I get impatient and want them NOW and the bookstore down the street has the deck I want…

Speaking of the bookstore… Powell’s books in Cedar Hills area.  I stopped in and, putting three books back on the shelf, I managed to leave with only four books under my arm.  If I can find time to read them I’ll be amazed.  They are…

“Ego and Archetype” by Edinger.  Looks to be a good read in a Jungian sense.
“On Becoming Human” by Carl Rogers.  It is a classic.
“Romancing the Shadow” by Zweig and Wolf… more Jungian goodness.
“Tarot Shadow Work” by Jette.  Looking to continue my exploration of the shadow self and using the tarot cards as “flashcards of the soul”.

Good times.


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