guest lecturer tonight

I went to Multnomah Falls and read some Jung.  Good stuff.  I then went to a coffee shop and read some more and posted some writing.  Then I went to a guest lecturer.  It was about the Shadow self.  Good stuff. 

Some of my notes…

There is a tendency to pathologize people, to make them “the other” as seperate from “us” (used examples of Brittany Spears and the N.A.S.A. astronaut who was driving to Florida). 

We don’t do crazy things, but logical things in accordance to the emotional state within.

Two things destroy us… overwhelming and abandonment.

Don’t be quick to categorize people.  (this same thought was brought up in my abnormal psych class where we were told not to refer to someone as a paranoid schizophrenic, or such, as this makes them a “type” instead of someone who is suffering from a condition).

A quote from a Roman writer (I forget the name) “I am human.  Nothing that is human is alien to me”.  The speaker said that this is an amazingly profound statement… that all the evils of mankind is within us, and that we need humility.

Jung’s concept of a complex… charged with energy… can take over the Ego.

4 modalities the Shadow manifests as
    1. Unconscious
    2. Projection
    3. Possessed by it
    4. Becomes Conscious

Most of the encounters with the Self are felt as defeats by the self. (it is a quote from Jung’s autobiography.  Note the difference with the Self and the self…. the authentic self and the ego respectively).

Many are trying to get permission to be who they really are.

The Ego tries to convert verbs into nouns.  This is a mistake.  The Self is not a noun… it is a verb. 

Recall the Greek philosopher Heraclitus’ concept of everything is made of fire.  The podium is not a solid structure.. but moving electrons… it is movement and energy as said by modern physics.

Three ways we deal with the Shadow… repitition, compensation… treatment plan.

We are cognitive processes
We are our behaviors
We are physiological processes
and yet we something greater than the sum of all these parts… the Psyche… the Soul.

We need to step up to a responsibility and a responsibility to the soul.

Shame- failure to live up to expectations… also… shame represents internalization of world’s value of us.

The opposite of nice is authentic (talking about we were raised to be nice… and that being nice means going along with what is expected and that the opposite of being nice is being mean… yet the the speaker said that being nice is authentic).

Emotion is neurological discharge- can be measured.

Feeling- is emotion that passes through a screen, unique to each of us, it takes a valence, or a value, specific to our individual nature.

You don’t choose feelings… feelings choose you.

Feelings- exressions of autonomous Self.  Get in contact with them.

Anything imporant is complex and contradictory.  Anything important is feeling-toned and tied to a script.  Our core complexes come from childhood events.

A clue we are in the grips of a complex is when the amount of energy generated is greater than the energy in the initial situation.

The Self is selfing… it is a verb, not a noun.

Self- transcendental energy

Soul- literal translation of the Greek is word Psyche.

Psyche has two meanings… air (to breathe) and butterfly (as in changing and metamorphoses).

God- etiologically from the word “shining”, which is possibly from the Sun and the light from the sun giving life.

Zeus- etiologically experience of being “lightened”… that is being suffused with light… not a worshipping of the light, or enlightenment… but being bathed and basked in the light.

Soul is the organ of meaning.

Spirit is the energy in a system.

There is always energy in a system.  The question is where is it at?

To understand all that is human is myself is humblign.  this honors the Shadow.  It is taking responsibility.  Humility before the magnitude of our problems.

The speaker said that “the first great work of modern psychology” is Dostoyevsky’s “Notes from the Underground”.  (note to self… read this while in Eugene.  Pick it up and read it again.  Remember very little of it other than it is bleak and depressing).

It takes a strong Ego to do any shadow work.  This is a paradox.

Humility without being crushed.

Dancing with our Shadow.  Look at our history and see patterns.  Look at our avoidances… intimidations… sabotages and fears.

It isn’t looking for evil, but looking for where the Ego gets caught making deals (recall Faust).

No good deed goes unpunished.

We are often the recipient of other’s shadows.


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