I made a comment earlier about how men cannot feel pain. I’ll come back to this.

I was chatting psychology with the therapist, it is nice that I know what she is talking about and can relate to a lot of it.  We were on a topic of sex education and I brought up a study that looked at a new approach to sex education in England.  A program there gave, instead of abstinence programs to teens, oral sex education.  These programs did prove effective and teen pregnancy rates dropped considerably.  In telling this I said that intellectually that understood it and agreed with it.  But there was an emotional response, imagining if I had a daughter… and this side said “hell no!”. 

There is an intellectual side that says it is okay and healthy to experience pain, to bring it out (what I am doing here).  There is an emotionally charged side that does not accept this.  This side is very much bound up in feelings of strength, honor, warriorhood, etc… 


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