I watched a show at the Oregon Country Fair.  The skit had mimes and clowns in a fight (West Side Story) style in their disagreement.  It also had a scene where a woman had trained some men to express their feelings, put the toilet seat down, and do the laundry.  At the end they expressed that they (the performers) were all against war and for peace and for gender equality and and end to violence, racism, sexism, etc…

While everyone else was hooting and hollering and taking the oath that they would solemnly swear not to kill anyone (a meaningless oath I think… how often does this come up for you in your life?  And if you are placed in such a spot… will it keep you from defending yourself or in falling prey to emotions that drive people to kill out of passion, fear, anger, jealously, etc…?) Soriah and I looked at each other and remarked that it was interesting that in their skits they used (if not advocated in some manner) violence and sexism. 

Funny and amusing and again an example that to understand violence you have to get a bit deeper than the level of birkenstocks at the causes of such.  Saying “world peace” does not create justice.  Saying “no to war” does nothing at all to end war in the world.  It is my belief that moving with right action in your own life does more to these ends… but that sometimes right action entails the uses of a heavy palm.


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